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For the next several months members of St Matthias will be offering their experiences and thoughts related to labyrinths.  This first reflection is from Caroline Tyler, one of youth.  Thank you Caroline.

Labyrinths are my favorite form of prayer. I love the different ways you can use it to meditate. Walking a labyrinth uses your whole body. God leads you through the paths, and even when it seems you're far from the destination, you know you will make it. The act of slowly walking is a relaxing experience, and allows time to have a conversation through prayers. The first labyrinth I had ever walked was at a church for the poor, when a group of the youth went on a retreat to DC. Labyrinths are my favorite way to pray, because I think it is such a unique concept. Whether it's painted on a floor, or made with stones in the woods, labyrinths are used throughout the world as a holy experience.

Caroline Tyler - Grade 11