Ponderings of the Priest

As I awoke this morning, I went to what I like to call my upper deck tree house. I had heard a hawk screeching andponderingrotator wanted to find out if I could actually see it. Stepping out onto the deck, I was surrounded by green. Fresh, bright green! Overnight, all of the leaves on the trees surrounding my house had burst forth from the branches! Green—everywhere!

The birds- Robins, Cardinals, Wrens, Blue Jays and who knows what else, were all singing their little hearts out. The hawk, of course, was nowhere to be found. A few Vultures also circled overhead for good measure. Chipmunks skirted in and out of the riprap below. The squirrels leapt from branch to branch. (They were probably hiding out because THEY could see where that hawk was…) They were all fully alive!

Spring is here with summer hot on it’s heels! (yes-that was an intentional pun…) And so the seasons go ‘round. Two months ago the tree branches were bare. Everything was bare. And it was cold! And yet, this seemed to go unnoticed by all of the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks. They all were still singing their little hearts out, the hawk still screeched, the Vultures still circled, the owl still hooted at night, the squirrels and chipmunks still did their thing on any given day. It was almost like it didn’t matter what the season was. Maybe, maybe, because they all know and trust that, regardless of which season it is, they’re all God’s seasons. They all remained fully alive!

Oh, that, we could have the same trust for all of the different seasons of our lives - Seasons that go beyond summer, spring, fall, etc. Rather, the metaphorical and spiritual seasons we all go through: birth, life, death, change, loss, transformation, illness, tedium, stress, fear, new beginnings, loving times, etc.. And, yet – no matter what-, they sing! LOUDLY! JOYFULLY! Can we know, can we believe, can we trust, that these are ALL God’s Seasons and sing as well?

Simone Weil, a 19th Century philosopher, got the question right. She said, “the question is not, where is God when these things happen? The correct question is, Who is this God to whom we can turn when they do?” But turn we must, and act we must, if it to have any lasting, supportive effect. It doesn’t mean it’s easy or even comfortable, but other options are not good.

That is the “how of it” that the creatures of this earth teach us. They act. They continue on despite their external surroundings. Perhaps they even understand the transient nature of those externals. Nothing lasts forever. That is the nature of the creative process. That is, except the eternal, unchanging God to whom we can turn regardless of our seasons – singing, trusting, being fully alive!

Your Sister in Faith,


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