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  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade Sunday School

    IMG 3375We had a wonderful Sunday school year. We had many interesting and fun-filled Sundays. One Sunday Scott Vollmer and John Vance visited us to talk about the prison ministry. We asked if they were scared, what did they eat, who got to come to their weekends. Best of all we made 2 new friends. We talked a lot about our St Matthias Family. We even took pictures and put them on a poster in our room. We did foot washing during Lent. And we had our own communion in the classroom with apple juice and wafers. We went into the church and baptized a baby doll and worked IMG 4215on finding passages in the Bible. We learned the Lord’s Prayer and what it meant. But most importantly we learned to trust God because he is our friend and loves us unconditionally. Hope all the children have a wonderful summer!






  • Grand Tetons, Wyoming

    July 26—August 2, 2019

    We have planned another Wonder Voyage trip for the summer of 2019. 

    tetons21“The splendor of the Grand Tetons makes one abundantly aware that God is omnificent – unlimited in creative power. Join us on a missions trip or pilgrimage that includes meeting God in His “outdoor sanctuary.” Miles of trails and opportunities to view interesting wildlife, birds, plants, and flowers make this journey a feast for all of the senses. Experience how the Lord has put the “great” in the Great Outdoors, a journey toward splendor.”

    Youth enrolled in 9th through 12th grade during the 18/19 school year will be able to attend and be offered financial assistance through fundraising and scholarships if needed. Please see Crista directly for scholarship information which is awarded to youth who have not experienced a Wonder Voyage trip previously. Fundraising participation will be mandatory for all youth attending the trip and funds will be divided equally between them.

    Adults who are interested are welcome to join the group as well. You are expected to pay in full and will not benefit from fundraisers done by the youth. Although there may be times a leader may ask for your assistance in something, you are there as a participant of the voyage and not expected to have any responsibilities pertaining to planning or execution of the trip.

    During the time of registration, which will begin in June, a $100 non-refundable deposit will be taken to secure your spot. Registration will remain open through September at which point we will move forward with our final numbers and planning for flights and accommodations during our travel. Final costs have not been determined yet, but that information will be more on track in the next couple of months. I will publish the information as soon as possible.

    The area of Grand Tetons is a thriving community and the mission need is very different from other areas in the country. We won’t be in soup kitchens or homeless shelters, but we will focus more on preservation and environment in any service work that is needed. This voyage will be a spiritual journey like no other. Be prepared to find the wonder of God’s mighty hand everywhere you turn during the week and take home what the Holy Spirit gives you with each moment.

    Informational meeting will be Sunday, September 9th at 5pm in Morrison Hall. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions.

  • Summer J.A.M. (Jesus And Me)

    JAM Full Color 300x214The school year is over and I can predict the conversations that many churches are having about summer Sunday School/Children’s Liturgy during staff meetings now that we’re in the post-Easter era of the church calendar year. That conversation might go something like this:

    Rector (R): So, what do we have planned for summer Sunday School/Children’s Liturgy?

    Director of Christian Formation (DCF): Yah…we’re still trying to decide if we are going to offer something.

    R: Okay – but we want to continue to offer something for our children during worship, because if we don’t, young families will just stop coming to worship during the summer.

    DCF: Right – but even when we offer something – people don’t come. Or we might get 1-2 kids one week, 3 the next week, and none the week after that. Besides, our teachers need a break after teaching throughout the school year.

    R: Okay – scratch that. Well, what are we going to do?

    DCF: Honestly? I don’t know. We have the same conversation every year. The year that we decided to give teachers a break, which they deserved, and didn’t offer anything for children, some parents were concerned that there wasn’t anything for their kids to do. But then the next year, when we did offer a summer Sunday School program for children, our teachers got burned out. And then only little Jimmy would be there. And we all love little Jimmy…and little Jimmy loves this church – but that’s a hard place for a kid to be – the only kid there with the teachers? Who wants to be that kid?

    R: Okay – great. So, what I hear you saying is that we ARE going to have summer Sunday School?

    DCF: Ummm, let me get back to you on that.

    Conversations like this happen so many times. And it’s not an easy one. I don’t think churches want to make program decisions that will cause kids and families to not want to come to worship in the summer. But it’s really hard to convince people to do summer Sunday School when you don’t know if people will be there or not, and it is often hard to find available Sunday School teachers for the summer.

    So a church can decide to do nothing, and just accept the fact that they may see families less during the summer, or they can decide to put together a summer program, and then be frustrated when families don’t come and deal with frustrated teachers who have prepped lessons for no one.

    This is why we are introducing a summer program for kids up through rising 6th graders. Children’s Liturgy will be on hiatus for the summer. As an alternative offering, we are providing Summer J.A.M. (Jesus And Me), starting June 3rd during the entirety of the 10:00 am service!!! Kids will meet in the Nursery for suitable movies that will provide insight to God, His love, and His word. We will also provide a light snack. Parents attending the service can drop off their children before the service begins and are asked to pick them up directly after the service. Please sign in your child, using the sign-in sheet just outside the door. Come and join in on the fun!

    Kristen Ketron

  • Taco Bar Fundraiser Lunch - Save the Date!

    taco barSunday, September 9th following the 11am service there will be a Taco Bar Lunch. This is a fundraiser to cover costs in updating the classrooms with fresh paint, TVs, rugs, tables, lighting etc.

    Tickets go on sale mid-August and will be $10 per person (5 and under are free)

  • VBS 2018 News


    Calling all crafty people of all ages!

    VBS decorations are beginning to happen. We need paper chains in the color green; all shades and lengths. Other donatable items are listed by the sign-up sheets.You can drop them off with Crista or Kristen between now and July 1st. The sooner the better!!!

    Also, we have two decoration making workshops scheduled: July 2nd and 3rdbetween 10 and 2pm - all are welcome!

    VBS – Rolling River Rampage Registration

    We are online & ready for you to register your kids, aged 4 through rising 6th graders. There are 3 methods to register:

    1 – Go to the St. Matthias website ( and click on the VBS link to register online.

    2 – Print the form here and mail it in.

    3 – Fill out a registration form (found outside the Christian Formation office) at church.

    Spread the word and invite a friend. Invitation postcards are available around the church. Questions? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 278-8588 (ext. 104).

  • Youth Group Returns on September 23rd!

    If you are in grades 6-12 and are looking for a great group of kids to hang out with, join us on Sunday evenings beginning September 23rd from 5-6:30pm. We typically start outside with some 9-Square if the weather permits and then move indoors.image.png

     We're looking forward to seeing you all!

    ~Crista and Chuck

    Please click hereto see our latest schedule of events!