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Parking Tree Removal & Building Closure

The Vestry at St. Matthias has approved the recommendation from the Buildings Committee to remove the trees in between the two asphalt parking lots. After consultation with several tree removal services and asphalt companies, the decision was made jointly that St Matthias should go forward. The primary reason for this decision is that large areas of asphalt (pictures available) are being upheaved by these trees creating tripping hazards as well as the puddling of water.  Both of these conditions are directly caused by the spreading of roots from pine trees which are too close to the edges of the rear parking lot.   In addition, we cannot move forward with asphalt replacement  on this same lot until this damaged asphalt is removed or “milled”.  This is expensive work caused by this condition.   Since funds are not available at this time for that project we are going to cut the trees and grind stumps to avoid any further damage to that same lot.  

We have selected Dale Hansen Tree Service for this project for that very reason.  Dale has been in this business for over 30 years and has successfully removed over 20,000 trees. He is licensed and insured.  The Grounds committee chaired by Sue Baird has selected suitable replacement plantings that will improve this areas appearance and will keep open spaces for the security of our parking lot.
Removal will begin on Tuesday Nov. 6 - Friday, Nov. 9, 5pm
Due to the potential for bodily harm and property damage our offices will be closed and all activities, classes and events inside and outside of the building are cancelled.
If you have any questions, you may contact Br. Mark at 804-272-8588 x 100.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.